Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov

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  • Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov
  • Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov
  • Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov
  • Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov
  • Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov
  • Tuffpak 1134 w/Foam w/4" Remov


Tuffpak™ 1134 Tripod Case

Exterior Length:  35.5"
Inside Diameter:  11"
Inside Length:   34" - 39"
  30" - 35"
Weight:  25 lbs.

This new longer version of the Tuffpak™ TP-1130WH is 34" inside (compared to the 30" of the TP-1130WH). As you can see from the pictures above, this case has an extension collar that allows you to convert it from a 34" case to a 30" whenever you need to. It's like getting two cases in one!

This case features:

  • Built in wheels
  • Telescoping pull handle

The Tuffpak™ Tripod Case is rotationally molded from high-density cross-link polyethylene. It takes over an hour to mold a Tuffpak™ . . . but it's worth it! This is the most durable tripod case available today.

The Tuffpak Tripod Case comes with 2" of foam in the lid and base to protect your valuable equipment. The model number of each case will indicate its size. The first 2 numbers represent the diameter of the case at its smallest point (where the handles are). Since the case is a polygon, there may be areas that are larger. The second 2 numbers in the model number represent the minimum length (in inches) of the tripod you'll want to put in the case. Since the lid is held in place with an adjustable strap, you can secure the lid with a tripod roughly 5 inches longer than the length indicated by the model number.

The foam in the lid is glued in place. The foam in the base (which is protected from the feet of your tripod by a circular plastic disk) is held in place by detents which have been molded into the base of each case.

Key locks can be added as an accessory.

The rotational molding process used to form every Tuffpak™ enables us to produce an extremely durable lightweight case that can withstand even the roughest baggage handlers for a lifetime. Just how tough are rotationally molded products? Well, some products you've probably seen include, gas cans, the big yellow crash barrels found on most of our nations freeways, water tanks, toys, dumpster lids and many other items where durability is mandatory.

As a direct result of this unique molding process, every corner in a Tuffpak™ has 20% more material than the sidewalls. All of this yields a case so "tuff" that Nalpak stands behind every one of them with their "Guaranteed For Life" guarantee. (Click here for details)

Tuffpak™ is resistant to: jet fuel, solvents, moisture, dents, abrasions, shock, cold to -40° F and heat to +140° F


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